If You're Not Living Too Well ​​​​With Drugs, Alcohol or Other Compulsive Behaviour, You May Live Better Without Them.

​Rainbow Recovery


Rainbow Recovery Club Inc. is a Community Association that has maintained the Rainbow Recovery Room since 2002.  The Rainbow Recovery Room hosts a range of 12-steps fellowships for Sydney's GLBTQI community.  


Check out the Meetings page for the dates and times of all the meetings.  If you're interested in attending a meeting, just show up! 



The objectives of the Rainbow Recovery Club are:

  • To provide a meeting place - primarily for gay, lesbian and transgender people - in 12-step programs for recovery from alcoholism, drug and other compulsive behaviours.


  • To attract the newcomer into 12-step recovery programs, and foster interest in fellowship and the program for recovery from addiction and other compulsive behaviours.

  • To provide facilities for meetings, conferences and communications between groups and service organisations of 12-step programs.


  • To foster an increase in the variety and timing of 12-step recovery meetings available to the gay, lesbian and transgender communities of Sydney.


  • To cooperate with other organisations with similar objectives as determined by the association.



  • The Rainbow Recovery Room opened in September 2002.​

  • At that time there was only 3 GLBT AA meetings per week in Sydney.​​

  • ​There are now over 15 GLBT AA meetings per week in Sydney.​

  • The first GLBT recovery float in the Mardi Gras parade was in 1987 under the banner of SCRAAGL (Social Committee of Recovering Alcoholics and Addicts - Gay & Lesbian).​

  • In 1993, the float was renamed Living Clean & Sober.​

  • The Living Clean & Sober float merged with Rainbow Recovery Club in 2005.​

  • The Living Clean & Sober float is still part of the Mardi Gras parade today.

  • In May 2018, after 15 years in Surry Hills we moved to our current location in Ultimo

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As a result of the ongoing & unfolding situations surrounding COViD19. Our community has had to evolve to enable our coping with the crises and the instructions given to us by the Government of NSW. 


Furthermore as a result of the Trolling of the Zoom LGBTIA+ meetings we have had to yet again evolve.

The meetings list on the website has been removed. Please contact the secretary for more information on meetings. Due to the circumstances with Trolls impacting our meetings, we have needed to remove the meetings information from any website. 

We as a community need to (virtually) bond more than ever, the LGBTiA+ community have gotten through bigger challenges than this before, our community have had to deal with AIDs/HIV, bigotry & most important of all, addiction/alcoholism.


We will adopt & we will survive & when this situation is resolved. The Rainbow Recovery Club room will recommence services again. Stronger than ever because of the hardship that we have collectively lived through. We urge all members to stay strong & stay in touch with your group, your friends & the fellowship.

Yours in service, 



© 2017 Rainbow Recovery Club Inc

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