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Volunteer Information


As we approach the summer season, with Mardi Gras and The Fair Day festivities next on the agenda.


As one of the primary LGBTiA + 12th step recovery support organisations in Sydney. Rainbow Recovery Club always work to have a presence at both events, and as such events alert the community that there is a way to have a quality of life in recovery from alcoholism, addiction & other compulsive behaviours.


Such events come at a cost both financial and in terms of manpower. For help with these costs/events we seek assistance from the Clean & Sober Community

Thanks! information Sent.

Fair-day Donations


We are seeking donations from the community to help fund our traditional baked goods stall at Fair-day.


Traditionally funds raised from the Stall go towards helping pay for the Living Clean & Sober float in the Mardi Gras parade.

If you would like to make a donation to help, please make an electronic deposit to:

BSB: 032-002

Account Number: 40-7601

Bank ref “BAKE” 


Donations can also be made at any Westpac branch.

Note: donations are not tax deductible. 

Many thanks for your help.

Yours in Service

Rainbow Recovery Club Committee

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